Worldwide cooperation expansion

Worldwide cooperation expansion

As the world is recovering from the pandemic, there is optimism and a renewed emphasis on collaboration and cooperation. The world of hockey is no exception because recognized experts are joining our team. The mentioned experts are helping to advance our solution focused mainly on the individual development of players, which should help more players around the world to develop their skills and abilities.

One of the key benefits of this partnership is the potential for further development or the very spread of HDTS solutions. The hockey world also expects the most well-funded development of the training process, for which technology and methodology are important, as well as staffing.

We assume that this partnership will likely create new opportunities for the players, coaches, universities, federations, or associations. There is certainly an opportunity for investors and arena developers. We believe that there is potential for the emergence of new and innovative training programs.


Introducing our ambassadors in foreign markets


Larry SADLER, Canada

A goalie coach with 50 years experience as a goalie coach and instructor in Canada, the USA, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Romania, and the Czech Republic. He has coached and taught goalies from U14 to pro. He has worked at national goalie camps in Canada, USA, Finland, Czech Republic, and Sweden. He has attended and taught at several goalie seminars and conferences in North America and Europe. He lives now in Brno Czech Republic.



After a successful NCAA D1 career at The Ohio State University, Dave became an Educator and Player Skill Development Coach in Canada and the USA. Dave has coached and worked with programs in Canada, The US and Russia. As a Hockey Director, Head Coach and GM Dave realized the importance skill development and specific information feedback. Dave continues to push the envelope of teaching all the skills needed for a well rounded hockey player. Dave is a strong believer in Zone System On and Off ice training. Dave has worked with many players of all levels and has fast tracked many players top programs around the Globe. Dave is also a Academic Hockey Advisor for players in the US , Canada and Europe. Dave now spends his time consulting on Hockey Projects across the Hockey Landscape. "As a Hockey Skills Coach I am very excited to join the HDTS team".


Manfred WOLF aka MANNIX, Germany (Canada)

Canadian-born ice hockey forward Manfred “Mannix” Wolf moved to West Germany in 1978. He played for Mannheimer ERC until 1985, and won the national title in 1980. He then moved to Düsseldorfer EG until 1990, helping them to win the national title in his last season. Wolf wound up his career with Mannheimer ERC (1990-91), Frankfurter ESC (1991-94), and Ratinger Ice Aliens (1997-98), in the second league. He was later inducted into the German Hockey Hall of Fame.

Internationally, Wolf was on the 1984 and 1988 Winter Olympic squads and played at five World Championships with West Germany. In total, he won 131 international caps and scored 26 goals. His son David also became a hockey professional.

Manfred Wolf later started a coaching career with lower league clubs and became manager of a company dealing with project planning, development, construction, operation and marketing of turnkey ice rinks.


Ján GOLIAN, Slovakia

An athlete, a famous coach, a scientist who belonged to the generation that formed the methodology for the development of youth hockey in the period from 1977 to 1990. In connection with the latest scientific knowledge, he points out that the playing performance of hockey players depends on the level of development of motor skills and technical skills, but also pays considerable attention to neuroscience and their relationship with the mental preparation of players. He spoke at world hockey conferences with lectures in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Canada, Germany. With his highest professionalism, deep knowledge and rich experience, he makes a significant contribution to the development of new methodological processes and the emergence of new training technologies in cooperation with HDTS. Last year, an interesting book about the problems of modern hockey was published by Mr. Goliana.


It is also worth noting that HDTS also collaborates with other professionals and companies to provide state-of-the-art services for the development of athletes. It is worth mentioning such companies as SportsSenses or, for example, Moovement.Pro - Qinematic. The constantly expanding network of cooperation with the world's leading specialists and narrow-profile firms will allow us to optimize processes and provide our customers with the most optimal solution.