New technologies and increase of production capacity

New technologies and increase of production capacity

We would like to inform you, that after more than 4-month negotiation with INAT company, our company reached significant milestone – cooperation agreement. HDTS and INAT agreed on starting of cooperation, which means improvement of our portfolio grown, another functionality improvement of our products and last but not least, increase of our production capacity. All this happened in suitable situation, since we are preparing for signing some important projects, mostly in North America.

In long term, HDTS was trying to find some experienced and reliable partner, which could handle our capacity and still produce high-tech equipment for sport training on top level. This effort finally succeed by signing the agreement with INAT company, which has a great reputation on international market.

Philosophy of INAT and HDTS are same - they both emphasize provision of complex solutions for client – beginning with problem analysis, elaboration of problem solution, production of needed components and moving to implementation and following service. Portfolio of INAT company is extensive. Nearly all metalworks are done in their factory, which lies nearby Czech Republic boarders. Beginning with press bodies for automotive, moving to welding different steel constructions, electrical installation material, milling components and water jet cutting. This background allows them to produce high-quality high-tech equipment using latest 3D printers.

„I’m looking forward to a productive, long term cooperation, which allows us to create many interesting projects all around the world. It looks like, there is a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m optimistic to the future, mainly thanks to long-term investments to R&D and professional partners such as INAT, Cognexa or DAP Servises commented founder and CEO of HDTS Pavol Čupa.

It’s symbolic, that our first projects will be focused on North America market, because that’s the market, which is HDTS actively entering. Thanks to fact that INAT has some experiences in USA and Canada, in near future, we can expect new innovative products in HDTS portfolio. Most important, our new collaboration guarantee permanently high-quality products.