The Fedulov Hockey Center (Czech Republic) opens in January

The Fedulov Hockey Center (Czech Republic) opens in January

After the New Year, the grand opening of the modern Fedulov Hockey Center will take place in the town of Trutnov in the north of the Czech Republic. Despite all the limitations and complications, the assembly and installation work is currently being completed. Most of the training zones are already ready to operate at full capacity.

This training center is one of its kind in this Czech region, which is equipped with a hockey skating treadmill in the skating zone, including all the most modern training equipment and programs from HDTS. There will also be a shooting zone with synthetic ice and a functional hockey gym for training and testing of athletes on the dryland.

BeeSPORT – testing of athletes in the center is not yet implemented, but in the course of 2021, in the case of a more favorable environment (COVID) and removal of restrictions, the center offers to expand their offer within this modern diagnostic system. There is no doubt that there is still a demand in the region for testing players as well as for a highly qualified training process.

Pavel Fedulov, the owner of the hockey center, knows this firsthand. Pavel is a real "hockey" man. Formal player of CSKA (Moscow), who played for the famous Bykov team, and since 2015 he has been playing in the Czech Republic. In the summer, he hung up his skates and became the assistant coach of HC BAK Trutnov and also became a member of the club's board.

"We expect great interest in training in our hockey center for several reasons. First, the technology and equipment provided by HDTS helps set us apart and become a unique training center in the region, where there are a large number of hockey stadiums and hockey players, but there is no offer of services of this level (second reason). The ability to combine training on the skatemill, shooting training, general physical training, post-workout compensation and more, all in the same place, is undoubtedly the third reason. A significant advantage of our center is the ability to transfer the skills acquired in the Hockey Center directly to the ice. In the field of individual and group training on ice, we have been working for several years under the Hockey Way CZ brand. It has become quite famous in the region and throughout the Czech Republic, which gives us the necessary experience. And most importantly, we managed to create a strong coaching team that is constantly dedicated to self-education and is ready to help improve all players from the youngest to adult professional hockey players "- Pavel Fedulov shared his vision of the situation.

In connection with the opening of the hockey center in Trutnov, the interest in hockey training has seriously increased in the whole region. This can also be seen in the applications for training programs, which are already being sent to a center that has not yet been opened. On behalf of HDTS, we wish Pavel a successful opening of the center and will be happy to provide comprehensive support for the development of hockey in the Czech Republic.