Extended Player Training Model applied to off-season preparation

Extended Player Training Model applied to off-season preparation

Tested in hockey training center HDC Czech Republic

This summer our pre-season program was conducted by a group of experienced coaches led by head coach, Norbert Javorcik. As part of the training and preparatory cycles, an expanded model of individual player training was applied.

The main addition to the already tested and working model was the non-specific preparation of the player. Specialists from Sport.Senses were responsible for this part with their unique system for measuring vision and the speed of human perception of visual signals. Also, the expansion of the model was due to the presence of a physiotherapist who was in constantly contact with the players during the entire training process.

These components synergistically complemented the working model and became an integral part of the system for developing the skills and condition of the players. We are pleased to note the first results of the application of the new model, which is included directly in the training cycles for both youth and juniors, as well as for professional players. At the same time, we can already say that this experience will allow the use of a new extended training model during preparatory and training cycles throughout the season, both in children's and professional teams.

The above solution has already been applied both among professional athletes within the Olympian training model, and for players of national teams.

Full integration of the new solution into the beeSPORT testing and training system is expected soon. Our specialists are working to ensure that all the elements necessary for testing and training are still available within a single interface for ease of use both within the hockey centers and as a separate standalone solution.