beeSPORT | Tester - testing athletes in various sports

beeSPORT | Tester - testing athletes in various sports

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HDTS has been testing hockey players for a long-time using Sport Testing software and equipment. Using this integrated system, various professional clubs were tested, such as Slovan Bratislava, Salavat Yulaev Ufa, national teams or professional players. For this solution a special methodic has been developed in collaboration with professors and sports experts.

The beeSPORT applications family is the next generation of the Sport Testing solution, which includes a lot of improvements, but retaining all the benefits and advantages of the old version. In the new modern design, beeSPORT software includes an application beeSPORT | Tester (the “New Sport Testing”), as well as many other useful and important for athletes and teams testing and training applications. You can read more about what is included in the beeSPORT family on our website, here we will present its key advantages.

First of all, it is the support of various sports. Now special tests, normatives and testing methods are available for football, volleyball and other sports, which makes the beeSPORT solution truly comprehensive. Other important advantage is the integrated working environment - all datas (about players, tests, etc.) are in one place. The player’s card will allow you to save players and at any time have access to their data and their results, the team’s card will show the results of all players in one place, which will greatly simplify the work of coaches. Tests reports conducted by players, in groups or in the whole team, comparison with normatives are also available at any time and anywhere online.

These are far from all the benefits of the new software. If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase a new beeSPORT applications family or would like to learn more about the application in various sports or to receive additional information about testing or the beeSPORT applications family, please contact us.