Implementation, production and delivery in III. Quarter 2022.

Implementation, production and delivery in III. Quarter 2022.

Dear customers, we would like to draw your attention to the situation on the market in terms of production and delivery capabilities of our technologies as well as the comprehensiveness of our solution.

Due to the market situation, our company plans to close the dates of project implementation, production and delivery for III. quarter to 11.5.2022. After this date each project will be approached and  plan individually.

Unfortunatelly have been informed by our suppliers  that we need to stock their components/materials as  they have planned „factory holidays“ during upcoming summer months.

Regarding trasnportation we have been receiving unpleasant news as delivery companies cann not guarantee any delivery timeline even though shippment is order weeks ahead.

By planning the overall production, we try to keep the prices of our configurations as little as possible so options that our key partners are still willing to accept them.

Unfortunately, today most partners today require payments in advance. Therefore, we would like to ask you to consider the possibility of a binding decision on your projects no later than May 11, 2022, when we will generate our orders to our partners so that they can ensure the delivery of needed components or materials for our production.

Our sales representatives are ready to provide you with all the important information and cooperation regarding smooth order execution.

This announcement applies to all regions.