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Project assistance


project realisation


Before opening your center, we will provide: 

  • Counseling - a comprehensive set of information that will help you define the goals of the center, its business model, space and personnel requirements.
  • Visualization and configuration - visualization of your center and its exact configuration. Simply all the information you need for your optimal decision.
  • Delivery and installation - delivery and installation of equipment and software exactly to the agreed extent and on a turnkey basis.

Training courses and education


Hockey training courses and education


Part of the services you receive by purchasing the center is a set of trainings and certifications. The first stage of the training is carried out immediately after the delivery of the technology. This training is primarily focused on technical knowledge, including software. After the initial training, it is possible to attend courses and trainings on training methodology and the creation of optimal training programs. All this is provided in order to make the best use of the supplied technology and fulfill the business plan.

Training and certification can be divided into the following categories:

  • Technology
  • Methodology
  • Training programs.

Post sale service


After-sale customer service and monitoring


Customer care and support does not finish with the launch of a sports center. In addition to methodological and educational activities, which we strive to constantly improve, we offer the following services to ensure a smooth running of the center:

  • Monitoring service - Your center sends us its operational data. These are technological indicators for the system maintenance. We are able to identify and prevent potential problems. We notify you of the need for regular inspection.
  • Helpdesk system - Our customers get access to the help-desk system. They can make any request in connection with the operation of the delivered technology and software. It is possible to check the problem solving process in the help-desk system. The priority of the problem is based on the agreed "SLA" (Service Level Agreement).
  • Software updates - If a customer has purchased beeSport software, upgrading to the latest version and correcting any errors is a part of customer support by the contract and SLA.
  • Consulting and personnel leasing - Our hockey experts are ready to help your center methodically.

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