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Synthetic IceSynthetic Ice

Synthetic Ice are pressed plastic panels fabricated of a special compound and provide gliding properties most similar to “real“ ice. Synthetic Ice represents a viable alternative to artificial ice-rinks, making ice-skating possible almost everywhere, at any time and at an incredibly reasonable price.

Why Synthetic Ice?

  • Ice skating 365 days a year!
  • Flexibility of location
    • Indoor & outdoor usage possible due to included UV-protector
    • Quick & simple installation, suitable for fixed and mobile ice skating rinks
  • Environmental considerations
    • Less energy consumption no water and electricity for cooling necessary
    • Completely recyclable
    • Ecologically and environmentally friendly
  • Long-living product
  • Simple maintenance

Fun Ice

About the material
FunICE panels are fabricated from the base material KOTERM 500 (HMWPE) which is compounded with special synthetic additives in order to provide enhanced gliding properties WITHOUT requiring the additional application of a gliding lubricant, since the panels are self-lubricating.

We work only with the best:

Panel dimensions

ePuzzle System Puzzle System L-System
Size [mm] – 1170 x 1170 Size [mm] – 1170 x 1170 Size [mm] – 1000 x 2000
Thickness [mm] – 10,13 Thickness [mm] – 19,23 Thickness [mm] – 20
e-puzzle puzzle l-system

Dasher Boards

Our “ZPW” model is the most stable option and especially suitable for hockey playing and outdoor-applications in case of tough weather conditions. Frame and supporters: metal zinc construction with concrete weights Wall: specially coated plywood panels (12mm, white) The “IK” model is suitable for small rinks up to a length of 12 m and for private applications. This model is not suitable for professional use. Frame, supporters and the wall are made of PE-HD
zpw pepe