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Sport Testing – Stride Power & WingateSport Testing – Stride Power & Wingate

This is a group of specialized tests designed for hockey skating treadmill, which provides a comprehensive view of power-speed capability in the hockey environment.

Coach, gets information on whether the player is more of a speed type, or a endurance type. StridePower can also be used during the training process as an motivation to players to try harder for better performance results.

Unique test StridePower WinGate. This is a modification of the classical test WinGate carried on bicycle ergometer, but in this case we replace the bike with skating treadmill. We test in condition that accurately simulates real ice skating. The test results provide realistic informations about the test player.

Testing condition-coordination abilities and special skills is an important part of the training process and in creation of hockey player profile, but does not substitute for a comprehensive look at sport players which you would consider to be the most important factor.