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Sport Testing – Stride Power and WingateSport Testing – Stride Power and Wingate

The world´s unique technology for development player´s speed abilities. According to the diagnostics, a speed with maximum player’s power is determined which results in training preparation aimed to develop the player´s skating power-speed abilities.

Stride Power and Wingate Test

The most widespread and currently the most widely used anaerobic test is “Wingate” mainly thanks to the standardized protocol, high reliability, valid speed-power output and to the consistent assessment and uniform interpretation of the results. Most often transferred to the bicycle ergometer. This is a 30 second test to detect anaerobic capacity and power capabilities of the organism. The result is the determination of the maximum anaerobic power, anaerobic capacity index of fatigue and lactate concentration.

Performance in this test is determined by the speed and resistance adjustment for the weight of a test subject. The optimum frequency is about 100 rpm. At this rotations frequency are tested individuals capable of producing maximum power. Evaluation parameters are the maximum and average power calculated from one-second intervals. Maximum performance is achieved in the first five second of the interval. The average performance of the entire 30-second load again tells anaerobic capacity. By calculating the percentage drop in performance after the initial closing interval you get fatigue index.


Wingate in Ice Hockey

Wingate test is nowadays increasingly used in ice hockey because it provides information that is most useful in training.

Ice hockey is interval type of activity (short intensive load substituting rest), it means that it places specific demands on energy supply and muscles throughout the body. Energy supply options are different for each player. They are given by training as well as genetic predispositions and hereditary dispositions.

What sources of energy are involved in meeting energy needs it depends mainly on the intensity and duration of loading. But also on the style of the game and the rest periods between each substitution.

Based on testing we can objectively determine the strengths and weaknesses during physical training  and at the same time assess the effectiveness of the training preparation.

Testing may also indirectly stimulate the players to play an active and rational approach in training and preparation.