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Sport Testing – On IceSport Testing – On Ice

Sport Testing is a comprehensive solution for testing and evaluation of coordination-conditioning abilities of a test subject.

Sport Testing Dryland Solution is ideal for every kind of sport. Moreover Sport Testing includes a set of tests specifically designed for ice hockey players.

Sport Testing Solution is ideal for motivation, if its used during the training. Each comparison motivates and provides immediate feedback. Therefore, we recommend using Sport Testing not only for testing and evaluation, but as well as a normal part of daily training.

Sport Testing solution

Using sets of wireless sensors called Light gates, we can test the players on the ice, but also beyond. We test speed capability and agility. Sport Testing solution provides a set of  standardized tests designed for hockey players on ice.

Light gates can also be used on dryland, on the field or in the gym. It’s variability allows coach to be creative and be able to use light gates on his own to create own tests