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Sport Testing – DrylandSport Testing – Dryland

Sport Testing is a comprehensive solution for testing and evaluation of coordination-conditioning abilities of a test subject.

Sport Testing Dryland Solution is ideal for every kind of sport. Moreover Sport Testing includes a set of tests specifically designed for ice hockey players.

Sport Testing Solution is ideal for motivation, if its used during the training. Each comparison motivates and provides immediate feedback. Therefore, we recommend using Sport Testing not only for testing and evaluation, but as well as a normal part of daily training.

Sport Testing solution

This is a set of tests that are specific to dryland. Tests can be carried out in any room, fitness room, dressing room, hallway or playground. Note, however, that the test result is also influenced by surrounding factors such as the temperature of the environment, but also a pleasant atmosphere. It is therefore important to think about where and when to carry out the tests. Tests on dryland are main part of the sport testing solution. Tests can be effectively used also in bigger groups.