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HST Skating Treadmill A 230 generation 005HST Skating Treadmill A 230 generation 005

The fifth generation of skating treadmill delivers unique features to assist the development of not only skating skills, but also crucially develop individual skills of the players.

Hockey Skating Treadmill A230 005

Allows you to improve skating technique training methods and video analysis, which can not be applied on the ice. The player is skating on the treadmill still in one place so it can be very accurate and detailed monitoring of the movement by two cameras from front and side. Detailed analysis of the skating technique is a valuable asset for coaches as they can plan steps to improve players skating technique.

Static position allows players to train number of specialized exercises, which can not be performed on ice. Coordination, proper movement of the legs, arms and the whole body is achieved by training  exercises aimed at multi-tasking, stick, peripheral vision, shooting and so on. Skating Treadmill can also be used on specialized training for players after injury. Special exercises contributes to faster return to the game.

Hockey Treadmill is a comprehensive solution for improving skating technique, individual skills, development of speed, endurance, dynamic and reflective power.


Hockey Skating Treadmill A 230 005 benefits for players:

Technical parameters


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