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Skating AnalysisSkating Analysis

Skating Analysis is complex analysis system for hockey skating technique. It is used to record a player during skating without weight and during various parts of a game by registering monitored parameters in key positions. Moreover, the system allows you to compare two pictures (e.g. input and output assessment) and gives visual feedback to the player so that he can have a rear view of his practice and can see what he needs to work on.

Importance of skating in hockey

If you can’t skate, you can’t play hockey. The difference between good and bad player is in a different level of skating. If you did not find skating in hockey as the core of the whole game, then you dont understand basic principles of the game. Successful players are especially great skaters, who have worked hard for skating technique.

To be a good skater, you have to start from scratch and in youth gain proper skating habits. Skating technique should be improved in every age. Bad habits are difficult to correct the errors in skating technique requires first rigorous analysis and than practice to eliminate errors. Most of the testing is done on the skating treadmill.

Skating Analysis system is revamped analysis skating techniques. It is used for capturing player skating at no load and with the implementation of gaming activities in the form of drawing the endpoints in each key positions. The system also allows you to compare scannings (eg. Input and output assessment) and provide visual feedback to the player, which can look at himself after exercise and can work on their improvement right away.