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Shooting NavigationShooting Navigation

Do you know what is the most popular activity during the training? Shooting! It is not important if it is a 9-years old boy or a professional player. There is not even a difference if it is an attacker or defender. Every player who gets on the ice, or hockey treadmill and there is a goal ahead of him, will do one thing. He will shoot the puck into one of goal’s corners. Therefore we were trying to find a solution that can be firstly interesting for the player, secondly will improve his shooting and thirdly will simulate the real situation when the player is in front of the goalkeeper and is looking for the space where to get the puck into the net. We call it – Shooting Navigation!

Become the sniper your team needs

And the result of our work is the new version of Shooting Navigation. We created the product, which could be used either in the hockey treadmill area or in your shooting zone. The new version of Shooting navigation is composed out of the goal covered by the canvas with 4 holes in each corner and the fifth hole is in the space in between goalie pads. The other part is monitor, which stands over the goal and shows the corner where to shoot. It means that on the monitor shows up the green light which indicates the place where to shoot. Then after 10 shots software evaluates the percentage of shooting.

Shooting Navigation

Even the average player can become the most productive player of the team. Just understanding some basic rules of shooting and implementing them in the match can make a big difference.


The main difference between the average shooter and an excellent one is in the preparation for shooting. The average shooter is preparing before firing, thus giving the keeper time to prepare for save. Top shooters can shoot at any time, with any leg angle. A lot of good hockey players shoots offhand while skating and puck stirring. This combination increases the percentage of scoring.

Based on the incentives on monitor placed above him the athlete shoots a designated area in the net. Practice shooting at a skating simulator uses real size hockey net and tutor shooter with five holes. Shooting practice can be combined with a number of exercises to train shooting from different positions, different ways with different techniques.