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Shooting ZoneShooting Zone

Become the sniper your team needs. Following that passion is the main objective of the Shooting Zone from HDTS. But do you know what trainers appreciate the most? Interesting insight about Shooting Zone is that players often do not consider it as a tiring training but more as a fun, which helps the nature of improvement. Maybe even that might be the reason why you should not omit this Zone in your hockey training center. This tool improves:

  • shooting accuracy,
  • shooting power,
  • stickhandling abilities,
  • and could be also used for the training of condition.


Package Structure

Usually shooting zone consits out of synthetic ice – FunIce, hockey goal with the Shooting Navigation program and various hockey equipment, such as triangles passmasters etc. Of course you can configurate it according to your expectations and needs. For better understanding what does the Hockey equipment include we offer you the detailed table.

Shooting zone/equipment
Product Team Individual Unit
Passmaster 4 2 pcs
Goal small 2 2 pcs
Goal thin custom made 4 1 pcs
Tutor shooter 4 1 pcs
Flashlight 4 pcs set 1 1 set
Dangler extreme (sweethands) 2 2 pcs
Attack Triangle 3 3 pcs
Greenbiscuit 10 10 pcs
Gun Radar 1 1 pcs
ProPuck shooter (Pucco 90) 1 0 pcs

Specialized Hockey Equipment

Shooting Navigation

Development of Shooting skills

Synthetic Ice – FunIce

Year-round use


Enhancement of stickhandling abilities

Shooter Tutor

Development of Shooting sk


Improve your passing

Attack Traingle

Enhancement of stickhandling abilities

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3

Hockey shooting zone – enhance the shooting!

If you are interested in hockey shooting zone or the hockey equipment, please feel free to contact us and our sales representative will answer all your questions.