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Sport Testing – ReportingSport Testing – Reporting


Reporting is online product where the collected data are sent via the application Sport Testing on the central web server, where the measured results are confronted with the standards. This process takes only a few seconds, but it is necessary to assess the test statistics according to established standards. Standards were established by large number of values and statistics obtained from previous measurements. The standarts are set for each age group and gender separately. They result from previous measurements, as well as detailed analysis and assessment of many experts, which was the whole solution of Sport Testing. The standards are continually updated and detailing to fit current needs and the latest research in the field of sport. We work on it constantly up to day  we have version 4,3. Release of version 5 is planned for late fall.

The measured values are displeyed on color scale, which allows better readability and clarity in the interpretation of results. The test results can be displayed for a particular individual, or selected players, but also for the whole test group. It can also compare previous tests. It can thus display side by side tests a year ago and the present.

The results of each test can be represented on a graph, so you can provide detailed interpretation of the measurement result.


Useful feature of reporting is the ability to access test results from anywhere via the Internet. For accessing the test results is no longer necessary application Sport Testing. Test results can be viewed on the website or PDF. Link to the test results can be sent to a player, coach, parent, and so on.

Testing condition-coordination abilities and special skills is an important part of the training process and in creation of hockey player profile, but does not substitute for a comprehensive look at sport players which you would consider to be the most important factor.