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Fusion Skating SkatemillFusion Skating Skatemill

Fusion Skating Skatemill is an internationally recognized HDTS product package, which is designed to improve the individual skills of hockey players. Its main objective is to develop:

  • Skating technique,
  • Shooting skills,
  • Player’s peripheral vision,
  • Conditioning and coordination ability of a player,
  • and provide a tool for professional Sport Testing

Package structure

According to customer needs, we have divided ‘‘Fusion Skating Skatemill“ package into three levels with varying degrees of accessories and equipment plus with a fourth option of purcharsing skatemill only. Each Fusion Skating package is avaible in Mono (with HST 1 Skatemill) and Duo (with 2 HST Skatemills).

The product’s name Economy line Standard Edition Professional Edition*
HST Economy line
HST A230 005
Stickhandling platform
Skating Analysis
Live Delay
Stride Power on HST
WinGate on HST
VO2max on HST
Shooting Navigation
Peripheral Navigation
Laser Education Tool
HST Monitoring Suite
Standard service**

*Accessories include: hockey equipment for work with the puck, artificial ice FunIce, oil lubrication, protective shatterproof lenses for cameras and monitors, table for PC.
**Standard services include: education classes, support center, 1 year software updates.

Standard Edition

If you want to have fully equipped tool with the latest technologies then choose our Professional Edition. This tool will offer you complete development of player’s individual skills as well as an analysis of the results obtained by training.

Economy Line

If you are interested in a Hockey Skating Treadmill, but your financial capabilities are limited, you can always choose an economic variant of our Skatemills. Reasonably priced treadmill HST Economy Line with equipment and programs for training.

Skatemill only

If you are only interested in the skatemill, it can be purchased separately also. However, we recommend to comprehensively think about the choice of the skatemill. When you purchase any package “Fusion Skating Skatemill”, you do not only get a tool for training of skating technique, but also the methodology for individual development of hockey player, developed by world leading experts.

Professional Edition

Launch of this version is planned for the second half of 2018. The main added value of the Professional Edition will be its extended functionality in sport testing.

Why HST A 230 005?

Free Puck Movement

Possibility to shoot and train with puck on skatemill


Immediate switch off when necessary

Low Noise

Noise gets max. 72 dB, which enables coach to talk with player

Easy set-up

Speed, slope and other parametres

Compact Control Panel

Whole Control System under one roof

Effective Service

Online monitoring of your treadmill

Fusion Skating Skatemill is used by

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    • 1
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Fusion Skating Skatemill – our unique hockey treadmill & hockey centre

If you are interested in creation of modern hockey center for the individual training or you are would like to get more information regarding our hockey treadmill with the Fusion Skating packages, please write us on our special contact form and our manager will answer all your questions.