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The main objective of HDTS company is improvement of player’s individual skills. That purpose led us to worldwide expertise of what makes a good hockey player. Therefore, HDTS company develop, manufacture and install a wide range of products which comes from understanding of hockey nature. Our main product is Hockey development center which is the complex systems with hockey focused programs and tools. These centers include tools for testing on a hockey treadmill, ice and dryland. Feedback comes in a report and is easily accessed via internet.

For an easier and a more understandable orientation, we divided center into four product packages (Fusion Skating Skatemill, Shooting Zone, Hockey GYM, Hockey Diagnostics & Traning Plans). See below in details.

Build your Hockey Center

HDTS Company Portfolio

A comprehensive package includes the entire process of building a hockey diagnostic and training center. Our company offer design of the entire project, implement it and train personnel. In addition to these product packages we can also provide you with service and support of your business, marketing support, assistance for start-up center and one-year warranty.

Fusion Skating Skatemill zone is primary focused on improvement of hockey player's individual skills, such as: skating technique, shooting skills, peripheral vision, condition-coordination abilities, etc. The training of the skills is performed on one of our main products - Hockey Treadmill HST A230. Fusion Skating Skatemill zone also includes many other unique products: skating analysis, Live delay, Stride power, Peripheral navigation and many more.

The main objective of the Shooting Zone is to create the optimal training conditions for improvement of shooting. It consists of products that will help you develop accuracy, power, technique, shorter preparation. Interesting insight about Shooting Zone is that players often don’t consider it as a tiring training but more as a fun, which helps the nature of improvement. Therefore the Shooting Zone should not be omitted in your Hockey Center.

Hockey Gym is designed to provide necessary gym equipment for hockey players. Training the agility, body coordination and strength are crucial for the players. It means you need various gym equipment focused on development of skills necessary specifically for the Hockey. Therefore, with experts involved in hockey development we designed six training zones: Cardio, Strength, Plyo, Functional-stretching, Agility, Testing.

Purpose of Hockey Diagnostics & Training plan package is to provide coaches with a tool to streamline and speed up the process of preparing a player or team. This we can achieve with precise diagnostics of the state in which the athlete and teams are and the subsequent drawing up a training plan that is managed specifically for the needs of his charges.