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Peripheral Vision for hockey playersPeripheral Vision for hockey players

Peripheral Navigation helps with improving peripheral vision. The development of visual perception, which is applied with continuous skating and the implementation of several activities at once (multitasking) or any other skills while paying attention to numbers on 3 monitors. It promotes the development of responsiveness during implementation of gaming skills.

Peripheral vision or how to get complete overview of the rink during a game. (“Keep your eyes on the back”)

Peripheral vision is characteristic of our eyes. And it is our ability to detect objects in the periphery of our visual field. So it is the brain’s ability to evaluate ideas at the edge of the retina. It is not given automatically, but the brain can be trained. Peripheral vision can thus be coached in many respects, because our brain function is similar to muscle. Their performance can be significantly improved if we train them properly.

Peripheral vision is important ability in team sports such as hockey. The player using this feature sees where his opponent is without him directly pointing vision at a opponent.