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Systematic training in the hockey center leads to positive results

25. 01. 2018

International hockey tournament “Proryv” is one of the most prestigious children’s hockey tournaments in Russia. Every year the best youth teams from Russia, CIS countries and Europe brings their teams from different age categories to participate in it. In the list of winners can be found CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow or SKA Strelnya. This year the tournament will be held again in Moscow, and, like in the past seasons, all the great teams will take part there.

However, one name in the list of participants should be highlighted. It is the team “Arena Master” (2008 year of birth) from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. This team does not have a popularity like the others, but was invited for the tournament due to its great results from the past. We have already informed you about their performance on the tournament in Sochi. Responsible people noted their results and decided that these guys deserve to be part of the tournament “Proryv”. It should be noted that this team uses methodology and technology developed by HDTS. Under the guidance of trainer-methodologist Matej Dubecky they use training on ice together with training in the hockey diagnostic and training center “Arena Master” which is based in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

We are very pleased with the invitation of the team “Arena Master” to this international hockey tournament. Participation in it became possible due to the systematic work of the team in the hockey diagnostic and training center, as well as qualified work of trainers. This once again proves that a competent systematic approach in the process of individual training of hockey players brings great results even for a short period of time.