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Sport Testing 4.6 – the most comprehensive testing of athletes

1. 02. 2018

The new version of Sport Testing contains significant improvements in the user experience.

Sport Testing 4.6 is a comprehensive solution developed by HDTS. It is aimed to test and evaluate the athlete’s conditioning and coordination abilities, as well as the special abilities required in hockey. This system contains out of tests, divided into three main categories, depending on the environment in which they are conducted. You can test at the GYM (dryland), on ice and on the hockey treadmill.

Since the new year we have launched the new version – Sport Testing 4.6. While working on this version, our developers focused on user experience. The request of all the hockey centers that used the solution was to make the most intuitive management of the program. That’s why the user interface was completely changed, which simplified the orientation in the program and work with it. The management of the player’s database has also been changed. In the new version, the coach does not need to click on the name of each player to find out the data about him. For example player’s position and the stick holding he can immediately see thanks to icon next to his name.

Changes in the new version also apply to the tests themselves. The advantage, especially for less experienced coaches in testing players, is that the program will not allow the coach to conduct a test without the previous test, if it is a group of tests. This will prevent problems that might arise during the development of the test plan.

One of the most important parts of Sport Testing are the normatives that compare the performance of the tested player in this test with other athletes. Then the program, after comparing the results with the database, will give the tested player a rating of “excellent”, “above average”, “medium”, “below average” or “weak”. However, for version 4.6 we have expanded the database of normatives, which makes it possible to assess more objectively. Naturally, these standards are divided into age categories.

Effectiveness of the Sport Testing solution from HDTS is recognized by many ice hockey experts. For example, the world champion with the Russian national team Igor Zakharkin, after testing his team, highly appreciated the usefulness of this decision. You can see the interview with him in the gallery.