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Prosporttec – new online store for better hockey

28. 12. 2017

Our company have launched the website www.prosporttec.com, which will be the online store specially designed for the development of individual hockey skills. On this page you will be able to choose products from specially designed packages that are divided into two groups.

The first group are packages of hockey equipment. Here you can choose from the offerings, which will include synthetic ice, hockey goals, as well as hockey equipment, aimed at developing the individual abilities of the hockey player. The group includes equipment such as a passmaster, which is aimed at developing passes and one-timer shots, attack triangle, or sweethands, developing stickhandling techniques. In different versions, you can choose between small and large packages, starting from a package of 5.5 m2 synthetic ice with a small set of equipment, to the construction of a full-fledged ice platform for games.

In the second group there will be packages for dryland training of hockey players. To be more specific, this will be equipment for the GYM focused on hockey players. These packages will allow you to make training even more effective. The best hockey equipment such as Vertimax, Plyobox, DiMove you can buy in our online store www.prosporttec.com.

To get to our new website, click on the link www.prosporttec.com.