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Modern technologies in Ice hockey (Seminar – Beijing)

28. 01. 2019

On 23 January – 24 January 2019, a two-day seminar organised by HDTS group and Slovak Embassy in Beijing.

The seminar with focus to introduce the most modern ice hockey approach and technology in China and identifying local trends in view of the forthcoming Beijing Olympics 2022.

Based on the needs and demands for modern technologies in ice hockey we are organising educational seminars in Russia, Europe, China and soon also in North America. This year we started with seminars and planned training for couches to help developing awareness and development of Ice hockey and right training approach of the coaches. Every country is different but have the ambition to help the China ice hockey market to bring the possibilities and to continue with successful trends from European or Russian market.

We are glad to be hosted by Slovak Embassy in Beijing and supported by strong cooperation of coaches, national teams and federations. HDTS concept has strong base in European Union supported by government of Slovak Republic.

Apart from education HDTS is bringing the complex solution for the clubs, rinks, schools or teams. We strongly focus on delivering what players and teams need, in the means of systematic work, diagnostics, testing, proper training plans which lead to reaching of maximum potential of every player. By this approach many ice hockey stars came to life.

If you want to know more about the hockey education and effective hockey training environment, follow us for upcoming events.