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New technologies will greatly help with ice hockey preparation

31. 07. 2018

Modern technologies. Virtual reality. Experience trainings. Entertainment. All in one? Yes! Experience hand in hand with training process will soon be offered by HDTS, which has been working with fetching start-up from the Czech Republic. This start-up creates a way to increase the individual skills and capabilities of hockey players through virtual reality.


Modern technologies continuously penetrate every sphere of our lives. Naturally, the world of sports is not left behind. One of the proofs is the Czech project called Sense Arena, which moves their implementation to a higher level. It is all in such a way which is quite unique in the world. Combined with HDTS technology and its know-how, it delivers clear added value and extends the portfolio of products offered by this Slovak company.

The combination of sport and virtual reality

The Sense Arena project is unique not only in our region but also in the world. “While we’re working on this project, we never encountered anyone who would sell or develop something like that in the world. There are two companies in the US dealing with the use of virtual reality for professional American football, but these are focused on something else – they record 360 ° videos of gaming situations, “says Bohdan” Bob “Tetiva, managing director of Sense Arena.

Cooperation with Experts

The fact that this project is not just the latest “hi-tech toy” but a serious project is because its development and research is based on close cooperation with renown experts. Leader of our team is Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Sport Didactics at Charles University FTVS Tomáš Profesionál, who has long been engaged in sports education of children and actively works in the framework of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

“We are focusing on the three main areas of abilities. These are the mental and cognitive functions of the brain, the motor skills, the chaining of movements and the separation of the movements of the lower and upper body. And, of course, hockey sense. ” it all describes the main goals of T. Perič’s project. He emphasizes that hockey is not chaos, but the system. “When the game is divided into individual microsegments, it is possible to create an equation.”

Complementing of traditional training

The Sense Arena is not meant to replace traditional training on ice surface. The intention is to supplement these classical activities with a new dimension. It is natural that players can not always be on ice, even because it is a rather expensive issue. In addition, it is very difficult to simulate specific situations in real conditions. It happens that the player in the training process will fail some parts. Sense Arena eliminates this handicap. Thanks to this, it is possible to simulate the given situation several times repeatedly.

Attracting of young people

This unique project has another important dimension. Nowadays, the world of young people has dominated by technology, and so youth increasingly prefers technical “toys” compared to traditional forms of leisure time sports. This concept (see video) is therefore an attractive way to attract young people to the ice hockey center and motivate them to do training. This is one of the reasons why this innovation definitely belongs to the future of the hockey center.

One step further

HDTS group, the trendsetter in the field of individual hockey players preparation, sees this project as an exciting opportunity to expand the offer with new, unique solutions. It is intended to include it in its concept of ice hockey centers, focused on the individual preparation of hockey players and the use of its potential. Not only in the entertainment sphere (within the new Fusion Skating configurations – Adventure), as well as the progressive development of this product in the field of professional training of hockey players.