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New Modern Hockey training facility in Czech Republic

8. 02. 2019

Country of hockey legends, which was always on the map of strong hockey countries will have the 4th modern Hockey Development Center. The training facility will be called HDC Czech Republic and will be located right next to Prague – Pribram town, rich in an ice hockey culture.

In 2008 and 2010 the capital city of the Czech Republic was the favorite destination where a couple of NHL Regular-season games took place in Europe. Prague – Pribram town is familiar to many hockey fans in the Czech Republic. It is the place where the Czech national team plays international matches as well.

Investors cherish complexity in the training process which focuses on the players with systematic integration into team preparation. This was the main “secret ingredient “in the hockey training process for smaller, yet successful hockey countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Switzerland and others. That’s also why HDTS try to connect the dots of world hockey trends and offer the solutions which helps the player to develop the most effectively.

New HDC in Prague – Pribram will also be focused on the pre-seasonal preparation of professionals and teams since such a place can focus on maximizing of player’s potential by using most modern training technologies in ice hockey world.

We are glad that the training facility will be opened for not only amateur but also for professional teams from all leagues. Moreover, the center’s configuration includes a special Fusion Skating zone, which helps developing the skating technique, shooting and stickhandling, peripheral vision as well as endurance. Also, the Shooting zone, diagnostics zone and Specialized Hockey Gym will be part of one integral training system.