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A new level of training with Firstbeat

23. 02. 2018

Company HDTS brings the innovation that will advance athletes training to new levels, with new equipment from our partners at Firstbeat company. With this product it is possible to make continuous training process with heart rate monitoring. Informations about heart rate of players are very important because they provide a comprehensive overview of body condition for coaches, making it possible to set the correct training methods, diet, drinks and other factors in real time.

With device Firstbeat team you can achieve better results and dramatically improve the efficiency of the training process. The online system offers the following results for subsequent evaluation:

  • Heart rate in real time in practice,
  • Oxygen consumption of an athlete (VO2) under pressure,
  • Energy consumption (kcal),
  • Training Effect – integral index, which reflects the complexity of the individual exercises
  • Training pulse, for team sports, this indicator is very useful in the preparation phase, during the pre-season, when the focus is on the overall physical condition.

Besides these parameters, the system offers additional advantages. For example, feature-hour surveillance on athletes, including overnight monitoring of heart rate variability in the assessment of outside practice factors and stress. Based on these indicators, experts can assess recovery index of athletes, but also influence the recovery process. Firstbeat system provides individual attention to each member of the team and optimizes training load to avoid fatigue and possible injury.

Firstbeat system is already integrated into the training process in the hockey-diagnostic center HDC Slovakia. For more information about Firstbeat system you can send your request to the contact form in the upper right corner on our website.