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Even the Russian national team to be trained in the unique hockey center in St. Petersburg

17. 07. 2018

The opening of a special diagnostic and training hockey center, which is somewhat unique in its functionality, is scheduled for August in Saint-Petersburg. Our company also contributes not only to the provision of technology, but also to methods that help improve player training.

The Gagarin Cup holder in 2017, the star team of the leading KHL SKA Saint-Petersburg has built a unique training base for European hockey. Two indoor and one open ice areas, a large ice hockey GYM, a hotel, or even a football field. All of this is part of the complex called “SKA Hockey City“.

One part of the SKA Hockey City is, however, the real pride of the whole complex. We are talking about the Hockey Diagnostic and Training Center under the name Red Machine. According to the experts, it will be the most prominent St. Petersburg foundation for developing the player’s individual abilities. Applying this unique concept has taken care of our company with an internationally recognized concept to increase the level of ice hockey skills.

In the center and specifically in the Fusion Skating Zone, you can find the world’s most technologically advanced hockey skating treadmills named HST A230 005, using a comprehensive product set called Fusion Skating, completed with high-quality synthetic ice-called „FunIce“. To improve individual hockey technique and to practice shooting, we dedicated our focus on shooting zone (Stickhandling & Shooting zone).

The basic philosophy of this modern Center is a unique model of individual hockey player development developed and constantly upgraded by our company, which was based on the work of renowned world-class experts. This solution is exceptional and unprecedented in the world in particular by its complexity. It includes complete training methodology, diagnostics, advanced software and technology solutions, and applies knowledge from a wide range of areas such as mental training for athletes, nutrition, physiology,etc.

It is interesting to note that this center does not plan to work only with the SKA team, but will also be designated for Russia’s national ice hockey teams. A lot of successful Russian and world wide renowned people have gone through our diagnostic and training concept, which has led them to “feel at home” right where they are preparing for a representation in inter-national matches.

The Hockey Diagnostic and Training Center is the first training base for players in the “National Red Machine Hockey Training Program“.

Another project for youth development “SKA Strelna“, which is being prepared in cooperation with the charity foundation Timcenko, is also under way.

Despite the fact that the “Red Machine” hockey development center is very interesting in terms of its size and equipment, it is by no means the only such complex. Especially in cradle of Ice Hockey in Europe, for which Russia can rightly be considered, the concept of hockey diagnostic and training centers from our company is gradually becoming the standard in the individual preparation of hockey players, as is the case in other countries of the world.