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HDTS technology and methodology is now presented also in “SKA City of Hockey”

9. 05. 2018

SKA ice hockey team has won this year the Continet Cup and also opened its new modern training center, which has no equals in Europe. Two indoor and one outdoor ice rinks, a large hockey gym, a hotel, a souvenir shop and even a football pitch. All this is included in the complex, called “SKA City of Hockey”. Until now, SKA had to constantly move between the arenas “Ice Palace” and “Jubilee”, rent ice for trainings and look for the conditions during their pre-season preparations. Today the situation is completely different. This project is able to unite all teams of the SKA club in one complex.

But there is one zone in the complex, which is its real pride. We are talking about the hockey diagnostic and training center – Red Machine. But there is an interesting fact. This center is not intended to work only with the players of SKA, but it will also be open to other players of different age categories.

It should be noted that the training process in the Red Machine center will be conducted according to the methodology and with the HDTS technologies. This means that each player is first tested before the start of the training process, then an individual training plan is created, and then a whole training process takes place. Of course, after the whole training cycle is completed, the player is repeatedly diagnosed to assess his progress. Youth and professional teams of SKA already use separate zones of this center. HST A230 hockey treadmill is the most demanded equipment of the center, however the hockey gym and the shooting zone are also very popular, not only among the SKA players.

The hockey development center is the first training base for young players in the framework of the National program of hockey players preparation. If you want to know more information about this center, click on the link http://redmachinecentre.ru/.