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Gold medal at the European Championship for Jan Volko – in collaboration with SportMind HDTS.

22. 03. 2019

Slovak athlete Jan Volko made history. He is the first Slovak to win an individual gold medal in the sprint at the European Championships in Athletics. In Scottish Glasgow, March 2, 2019, in a 60-meter race, he beat Turk Emre Barnes for 0.01 seconds. This is an excellent result, especially in the context of an athlete’s injury with which he had to compete. As Jan Volko noted on his Facebook page, this victory could not have happened without the coordinated work of the whole team, including the mental coach from the SportMind HDTS.

“Today I would like to say thank you to the new member of our team. After the European Championships in Berlin we decided to start working with a professional by mental side. My coach Patrick Bednar from SportMindHDTS is the person who helps me with mental training. We understand that mental training is the same component of training as its physical part, which helps to realize the full potential in achieving sports results. Team must be prepared to perform and fully concentrate on training. Patrick teaches me to concentrate fully on performance and not be distracted by surrounding or unfavorable conditions. It helps me cope with a stressful situation and strengthen self-confidence. Thus, I gave it all to the maximum, despite the injury. Thanks to him for help in achievement of such an outstanding result.”

On behalf of the HDTS Group, we congratulate Jan Volko on the earned gold medal and wish him success in his sports career.

Photos: Ján Volko Fanpage.