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Even the hockey developing countries can become the hockey powers in near future

10. 08. 2018

At the present, hockey in many countries is only at its beginning, but in a few years it could all change. Many of these countries have great potential to develop ice hockey. When we add the effort to work hard, efficiently and comprehensively to develop this sport, some of these countries can be permanently imprinted on the map of the hockey countries.

Lately we have registered increased interest in this sport, for example, in Romania, but also in Vietnam, Kuwait, Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, South Korea and, last but not least, China. For now, China is one step ahead of these countries because of strong efforts to systematically develop training and testing of youth and preparation for upcoming Olympic games Beijing 2022 under the supervision of the Chinese Ice Hockey Association (CIHA).

Significant improvement. How to do it?

The number of countries where the ice hockey will be played at the highest level will increase. In sake of the development, it is very important to popularize this sport, especially among young people. If we want to succeed as a country, we must look for effective and, in particular, comprehensive solutions for the development of this agile team sport. In addition to the construction of ice hockey or multifunctional stadiums, the solution is to prepare players individually not only technically but also fitness-wise and mentally. All this can be achieved at a high professional level in cooperation with internationally recognized HDTS company, which has its own know-how, technical and personal support.

Example from Romania

Romania is not yet a world hockey elite. However, there are signs that this country would like to be included among elite in the future. It also points to the fact that it has built a new modern hockey complex near the town of Miercurea Ciuc. The technology for training and further development of players has been supplied by HDTS group. Romania is already the 14th country where HDTS group has supplied its technologies along with the support services package.

Step by step toward success

Successful hockey countries of today realize that only having the necessary infrastructure in the form of training and game areas is not enough. Time has passed and for the preparation of excellent hockey players, it is necessary to follow modern trends and do extra work. That’s why HDTS group puts great emphasis on the methodology and systemability of the entire preparation process. The results are visible already after several months of systematic preparation. Many high-profile players from the hockey-developed countries who have passed through the HDTS hockey training can testify about their effective progress.