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ECONOMY LINE – the highest quality for the best price

28. 04. 2017

Hockey Treadmill – ECONOMY LINE is now affordable for all Hockey Training Centers

We would like to present you the newest and the hottest offer of our hockey treadmill – version ECONOMY LINE. 10 years of experience in individual hockey preparation proved, that on the market there is a lack of economy versions of hockey treadmills, which would be supported by software programs dedicated to enhancement of individual hockey skills. Therefore we created the HST ECONOMY LINE and extended it for chosen programs from our Fusion Skating Skatemill product line. Since now the high quality hockey treadmill wih Fusion Skating Skatemill is affordable for many hockey centers. Please check out our offer and contact us if you are interested.


Specification Economy line
HST Economy Line economy line
Speed 20km/h
without Puckplate
Package Basic
Assembly economy line
Package Plus
Puckplate Front economy line
Speed 25km/h
HDTS Automatic lubrication system
Hockey tools packet
Training course
Package Advandced
Puckplate Full economy line
Speed 30km/h
Shooting navigation
Peripheral navigation
Live delay
Laser system

You are able to choose from 4 product packages according to your needs. All these options are created for specific audience. It only depends on you whether you are going to use it only for condition skating, or you would like to make analysis of the skating technique, or you would like to extend it for training of shooting and peripheral vision. If you are interested in more details, please feel free and contact us.