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Development of a new unique methodology for the training of hockey players

15. 05. 2018

Modern technologies affect all areas of our life, including sports. They also penetrate the sphere of athletes’ training. Hockey diagnostics and training center HDC Slovakia, which is located in Bratislava, is dedicated not only to the training process itself, but also to the implementation of innovations and modern practices developed by the international company HDTS Group. Currently there is an interesting project that can affect the the whole training process of hockey players.

“Currently, Wingate Anaerobic Test (WAnT) is used throughout the world to diagnose athletes’ fitness. This test is used in various sports, but unfortunately does not correspond to the real conditions of the hockey game. The test is carried out on a stationary bicycle and an athlete uses his maximum power for 30 seconds. Therefore, we decided to focus on the development of a progressive methodology for diagnosing fitness, which provides more clear information about the anaerobic training of a hockey player, “said Prof. Eugen Laczo.

“If we take into consideration the conditions and technologies that our center has, we have the ideal opportunity to test this innovative methodology in practice.” We want to provide on this concept an unspecified but sufficiently large series of measurements. The whole idea of testing we would like to officially present at the IIHF Congress during the World Hockey Championship in Slovakia in the spring of 2019. By this time, we will be able to provide a sufficient number of measurements so that the results are not distorting.”

The research & development of the company is carried out through the subsidiary company R&D Hockey. During the whole development process of this special diagnostics there were such personalities as the prof. Laczo and prof. Hamar. Professor Eugen Laczo has long been working at the Comenius University at the Faculty of Physical Training and Sports and is one of the world-famous specialists.