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Cooperation in testing of Slovak national teams continues

1. 03. 2019

At the beginning of the new year 2019, there was an inspiring cooperation between the Slovak ice hockey association, the National Sports Center and HDC Slovakia, the market leader in the field of diagnostics and development of professional hockey players not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

The collaboration consists in diagnosing youth national teams, setting up a training process through key information gathered by testing. The effort is to help make the training process more efficient by the coach, but especially by the players, as the individual work of the players increases their level. When testing, it is primarily about the diagnosis of the limiting factors of the hockey player, those that most influence the performance on ice and are the most valuable for the player. It is up to the hockey players to concentrate the overall attention to the limiting factors. It should be noted that the time and volume of complex testing is possible thanks to HDTS’s professional Sport Testing.

The testing of all national teams (U15, U16, U17, U18) has not yet been completely closed. Everything is going on gradually, so we can achieve the most effective results. The U18 team should be tested just before the end of the MS U18, which was tested first and the preparation was based on the results of the first testing. At the end of March, another testing will be performed to verify the training benefits, possibly comparing players who are abroad.

We use modern technology for diagnosis to make the player‘s results as relevant and objective as possible. During one test, we can determine the level of reactive, acceleration and maximum skate speed. Then we can determine which parameters are satisfactory and which parameters need to be improved. Similar methods are known and applied in the world. Through detailed testing and results, we would like to push the players into self-improvement and into the training process. The players need to know their options and try to improve them.

Since the initial responses are positive, we would like to continue in a similar way in the future. The target is to create a complete database of all the players and all youth national teams, to view the training load, and compare the individual representations within the categories.