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Coaches from Prague attended education course in EduProSport

7. 03. 2018

Opening of the new hockey training centers in Prague soon!

Two hockey centers in Brno built built by our company HDTS brought interest to such project from the Czech capital Prague. We are very happy that we reached an agreement with our partners and soon there will be in Prague brand new hockey tranining center. This hockey center will consist out of huge hockey GYM area, that will include speacilized equipment for hockey players, another area will be shooting zone, whcih will be specifically dedicated to enhance shooting abilities. The next is stickhandling zone and the last, but not least least is a hockey treadmill zone. This center will use our HST A230 005 Hockey treadmill and will be dedicated to enhance skating technique, shooting and peripheral vision.

One of the main conditions for the successful work of the center is a well-trained coaching staff. It is for this reason that the first group of Czech coaches were educated in our center EduProSport in Bratislava. Here, within the framework of our educational center EduProSport, Czech coaches took a 5-days intensive training course. Among the lecturers were our experienced coaches from the center of HDC Slovakia. As a result, the trained coaches upgraded their qualifications and obtained certificates confirming their level and giving the right to conduct coaching activities in hockey diagnostic training centers from the company HDTS.