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Coaches in Almetyevsk are ready to discover new talents in Tatarstan

21. 02. 2019

This week, the coaching staff of the new hockey diagnostic training center in Almetyevsk has completed its educational program. This center is a part of the KHL team “Ak Bars” Kazan academy. It was a very effective education course, because EduProSport specialists conducted it right in the premises of the new center in Almetyevsk.

During the eight-day intensive training course, coaches from Tatarstan received comprehensive knowledge in the field of technology and, most importantly, methodology of work in this kind of centers. Since the new center will be opened it was especially important for coaches to learn how to put into practice all of its training potential from the very beginning. They learned how to work on a HST skating treadmill, which differs depending on work with children, amateurs or professionals. They also have learned how to maximize all the training opportunities provided by the Fusion Skating subpacket, to conduct testing on a skating treadmill, as well as on the ground in a gym and on the ice using the Sport Testing package, to compile, using LuxTrainer program, suitable training plans. It is also important to notice that this education course had a format of a dialogue between our specialists and coaches of the new center, which made it possible to promptly answer all the questions.

As a result of the completed education course and the passed exam, coaches received the HDC qualification certificates. Now they will be able to fully concentrate on the development of new young talents in the Republic of Tatarstan. We believe that the hockey diagnostic training center in Almetyevsk will significantly increase the efficiency of working with players in this hockey region.