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Hockey skating treadmill monitoring suiteHockey skating treadmill monitoring suite

What is Monitoring Suite?

Skating treadmill Monitoring Suite is a Remote control system developed for HST Skating treadmill. It allows you to troubleshoot, monitor, control and program your HST from any PC over the Internet. You can use the Monitoring Suite web page to see your HST in real time. You can monitor many different reports and parameters of your HST from anywhere.

More informations about Hockey monitoring suite.

Features & Benefits

The main benefit is highly reduced maintenance cost! Our experts can troubleshoot, program, configure your HST from their office PC or laptop, which can replace costly amount of time consuming on-site activities, and result in quick problem solving.

Easy connection

We provide an easy and secure connection of HST controllers to Monitoring Suite services. It is fully preconfigured and ready to use. Should an error occur on the HST, we can see the information held by error messages and log files.

Monitoring suite provides:

  • Monitor and control your HST over the Internet
  • Edit HST and PLC programs much faster
  • Directly input instructions and parameters to HST
  • Use video cameras to remotely observe your HST
  • Easy integration and installation
  • Secure isolation of HST controllers from the public Internet
  • Low startup cost