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Biomechanics is science that deals with the mechanical structure, mechanical behavior and mechanical properties of living organisms (in this case, the human body) and mechanical interactions between them and the external environment. Includes measuring and analyzing movements and pressures that arise in the human body in motion.

Why do we need to know the biomechanics of an athlete?

Providing feedback to an athlete during training is one of the most important tasks for a coach. Biomechanics knowledge is a precondition for the proper assessment of an athlete’s movement by the coach. Knowledge of the biomechanics for specific movements of a hockey player is a prerequisite for the proper assessment of skating technique. Demonstration and verbal explanations are not as effective as learning with the help of the feedback. In addition, the feedback for an athlete is fun and motivating.


Live Delay is a visual tool that provides immediate feedback, it tracks the movements of an athlete and accelerates the learning process.

The athlete performs exercises on the hockey treadmill or in the gym and immediately after completion of an exercise he watch himself on the screen. Coach follows up immediately with their highlight commentary of pros and cons from just finished exercise.


The technology is based on continuous video recording from IP cameras to the computer, while at the same time we are watching the same video but with some delay. The delay can be set in any range from a few seconds to several minutes.

Video is recorded onto the hard disk of your computer while playing back on the computer screen. The video can be played on the whole screen or you can connect it to big TV. The video from IP cameras continuously pass data on computer disk. Recording length is only limited by the size of your hard drive. Automated process of recording and playback does not impose any requirements on the coach and does not conduct training.

Why use the feedback

  1. Saves time because it gives you illustrative example, results in fewer repetitions needed
  2. Lets you see yourself, results in speeding up the learning process.
  3. Coach is able to effectively explain the mistakes on monitor, and show what he expects from an athlete unlike verbal communication
  4. Athletes control themselves, they compare each other and that motivates them to be better than the other one player.
  5. Easy to use while training, you only need to adjust the delay of video
  6. The video can be stopped and restarted

Live Delay program features

  1. Quick delay setup in range from 1 to 120 seconds
  2. Quick switch between multiple cameras (front, side)
  3. Delayed video output can be viewed on any external monitor
  4. Stop and re-start the video
  5. Automatic selection of image resolution based on the selected monitor
  6. Easy to use interface


As soon as we started using this program, it became an indispensable tool for practicing skating technique. User friendly program allows you to set the program in a few simple steps. Principle of the program lies in the immediate feedback, which helps to evaluate the skating technique immediately during training. It can be used for basic skating training for children but also for a detailed analysis of skating with professional players. You just have to click “Play” and start training!

Konstantin Zayatnikov (Hockey coach)
Hockey Center Uragan Saint-Petersburg