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Instructor ExercisesInstructor Exercises

Instructor belongs to product group Fusion Skating and is an essential part of the skating treadmill HST A230. Hockey skating treadmill is not just monotonous skating practice. It is also a tool for implementing many interesting exercises. Hundreds of exercises show the wide range of uses in the skating treadmill training process with hockey players.

Instructor provides clear Video recording of more than 200 exercises. Each exercise is also recorded at different angles, providing a detailed view of the correct execution of the exercises. Each video includes a description of the practice and its inclusion given the technical level skater.

Instructor provides guidance on the use of various training aids. It contains specific exercises designed to develop speed, explosiveness, reaction, coordination and so on. Interesting exercises are designed for multitasking, which aim to achieve automation in motor learning of a hockey player.

Skating treadmill becomes in the hands of the coach powerful tool to learn quickly perform physical activities while skating. Allows you to build your own individual-specific program, choose exercises with regard to the performance level and age of the skater. Coach gives complete instructions on how should the training process involve different devices, and thus make training more attractive. The coach provides inspiration and ideas for creating custom exercises. Training with Instructor is for an athlete attractive and motivating.