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Hockey Diagnostics & Training PlansHockey Diagnostics & Training Plans

Hockey Diagnostics & Training Plan is a solution designed for hockey coaches and physiotherapists. It enables them to test each hockey player or whole team, analyze the data and create a training plan according to needs of each player. This tool gives you exact understanding of player’s:

  • General preparation,
  • Special preparation,
  • Mental condition,
  • And will enable you to create a professional training plan.

Package structure

This package is created out of Sport Testing Dryland, Sport Testing on Ice, Training Plan and could be also extended for Mental Preparation. Diagnostics from HDTS uses 3 environments – dryland, ice and hockey treadmill HST. As not every client could use hockey treadmill with required diagnostic programms, we decided to exclude this group out of this product package and use only Sport Testing on Ice and Sport Testing Dryland.

Hockey Diagnostics & Training Plans ADVANCED

Advanced package is an extension to the basic one, especially in the field of diagnostics. In advanced package we give you option to obtain information not only about a player fitness, but also on his mental state and health. These two aspects make our product unique on the market. It must be acknowledged that after the findings of the player’s complete state of physical, mental and health condition, we know with certainty what is best for his development.

Programs that are in the package:

Hockey Diagnostics & Training Plans BASIC

This package is made up of four products, with which you can check the physical fitness of players and prepare them for the necessary training schedule. These products include diagnostic programs Sport Testing on Ice and Sport Testing Dryland. Use them to get a complete picture of the physical condition of a player. After the entry of this information comes the compilation of the training plan with program LUX Trainer. To do so, however, you have to be able to work with the software. You will learn that with course that comes with the package

Programs that are in the package:

Sport Testing from HDTS

Coordination abilities

(Dynamic & Static Balance)

Speed Abilities

(Acceleration, Top Speed, Frequency, Reaction)

Strength Abilities

(Maximum & Dynamic Strength)


(Special anaerobic endurance)


(Dryland, on ice – with, without puck)

Mental Preparation

(overall, before match)


Sport Testing & Training Plan from HDTS is used by

Bogdan Kiselevich,

CSKA Moscow, Russia National Team

Slovan Bratislava,


Salavat Yulaev UFA,


Hockey Diagnostics and training plans for your players in our package

Do you find hockey diagnostics interesting addition to your hockey center? Or you would like to implement hockey diagnostics and training plans principles into the long-term preparation of your team? Then please feel free to contact us and our sales representative answer all your questions.