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The first specialized Hockey Center in China has already been built

12. 01. 2018

New demo center for China has found its home in Harbin Institute of Physical Education.

Our first project of specialized hockey diagnostics and training center in China has already been executed. New HDC Harbin will ensure the individualization of the team training, as well as the individualized training of individual players. Whole center will use only HDTS technology and specially trained coaches will purposefully apply a unique training programs in practice.

This center has been built in the complex of Harbin Institute of Physical Education, but is aimed to be used not only by students of the university. Today the development of hockey in China is becoming a priority due to the fact that in 2022 Beijing will host the Winter Olympic Games. That is the reason, why China is looking for experienced partners who can help their national team to meet the high expectations of fans. In order to ensure the best quality of hockey infrastructure and find effective know-how in the field of individual preparation of hockey players, competent people decided to find experienced partners. HDTS as experienced company in this field was invited into the cooperation on development of hockey in the country.

Therefore the decision to build a hockey diagnostic and training center in Harbin has been made. Zone with two hockey treadmills with the Fusion Skating programs, together with a GYM specialized for the needs of hockey players will ensure the top preparation of individuals and teams.

Check out the photo gallery to see how this new hockey diagnostics and training center looks like.