We are global producer of specialized hockey diagnostic and training facilities for development of players and teams.

It's a "game changing" concept of the most comprehensive and effective training enviroment with unique technology, methodology and services for all categories of hockey players and skaters. Read more

The concept is based on thoughtful connection of hockey methodology and technology. In collaboration with top world hockey experts, we developed a sophisticated model of individual development of hockey player. And we keep improving it constantly.

That means we sell not only training machines and hockey equipment. But we’ll tell you how to do it. Read more

We provide a wide comprehensive portfolio of products and services primarily aimed on target groups of world ice community. But most of all we are the world leading developer and producer of specialized hockey training facilities.
And Training Facilities
We provide a wide range of services to our customers. From the education process of professionals and coaching staff of centers,to the personal leasing of our experts. And of course the many other services needed to successfully start and operation of each center.


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Are you interested in making hockey training more effective?
Do you want to extend your arena with a modern specialized hockey training facility?

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